Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Animals do the strangest things.

Animals are funny creatures and can always make us laugh, I can remember when i was younger my dog Cookie, was scared of the letter box. Every morning when the post arrived she would go ballistic and run circles around the kitchen table, every time it gave me a fright and no doubt i would be eating breakfast or drinking my drink which went all down my clean outfit for that day.

As well when on a walk, my cousins dog had fallen in the canal, Cookie thought she could save her and like super dog jumped in but panicked and so my uncle had to jump in and save them both.

Also my friends dog would go crazy every time she spotted her reflection, as dogs don't recognise themselves in the mirror.

It's also funny when i take my dog Tia and my brothers dog Deano for a walk as Deano being a big dog is scared of all other dogs. But Tia a tiny dog and is not afraid she sticks up for Deano, all bigger dogs seem to be afraid of Tia.

We also had a pet rabbit that lived indoors, she thought she was human, an alcoholic human, every time my Mum had a glass of wine she would knock it over and drink it.

I would like to hear any funny stories you might have, I also have added a video from youtube at the bottom of my page.

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